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1171 Winterson Rd. Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Breaking The Cycle of Urban Crime, Violence, and Poverty

We must give our young people hope.  We must instill worth.  Without it, they become hopeless, and when that happens, we all lose.  Many young people do not know what it means to believe in themselves, or to have others believe in them.  They have never been taught they can achieve or succeed.

I know what that is like.  I am a former gang member who was raised in the housing projects of Birmingham, AL.  I had six brothers and six sisters, for a  total of 13 children in a 3 room housing projects. You do the math.  I was destined to fail but I was rescued.  Now, it is my turn to do the rescuing.  

How can we stop the cycle of defeatism that inflicts many of our young?  How do we get them off the street, and into the classroom?  How can we teach them they can be someone? 

We do it one youngster at a time.  That’s my specialty.  Be Someone uses the game of chess to teach critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.  The new weapon of choice is a bishop, a knight, and a pawn, instead of a gun.  The smart way to fight is to use your head.  Brains before bullets.  Think it out, don’t shoot it out.  Push pawns, not drugs.  Keep your pants up, heads up, and your grades up.  You can BE SOMEONE,  if you make smart moves in the game of life.

We must convince our young people their lives have value.  We have all seen the protest signs, “Black Lives Matter.”  We must teach our young that all lives matter, starting with their own.  They need to understand they control their destiny, not the system they are trapped in.  We must believe in them  if we expect them to believe in themselves. Orrin C. Hudson

It's one of the oldest board games around and more than 600 million people are playing it on a regular basis, but more often than not, people are intimidated by the game of chess. Although it is a time-consuming game that requires strategizing and is often seen as a game for just brainiacs, learning and playing chess has many benefits for players of all ages and levels. Playing chess promotes critical thinking, analytical and decision-making skills, higher level thinking and discipline. In honor of national chess day on October 13, Be Someone, Inc. will be presenting a “Get in the game” workshop:


11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Orrin Hudson

Be Someone, Inc.


National Chess Day


Saturday October 13, 2018


Towneplace Suites By Marriott Baltimore BWI Airport

1171 Winterson Rd.

Linthicum Heights, MD 21090


Parents need the tools to help their children understand how they can Be Someone! Orrin Hudson, using the magic of the chess board, will reveal those tools.

My name is Orrin Hudson

I am a former state trooper, two-time chess champion, Amazon #1 best-selling author and founder of  a crime prevention/youth mentoring organization called Be Someone, Inc.

I started Be Someone after seven employees were shot in the head in a robbery for $2,400.00. Be Someone has received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership award as well as many others for its effective work. Please see attached pictures.

Be Someone has a new weapon of choice, a secret weapon….A Queen, King and a pawn, not a gun. Our message is Brains Before Bullets; Think It Out Don’t Shoot It Out; Peace Positivity and Purpose.

We are offering a free  event  Saturday, October 13,  11 am to 2 pm at the Towneplace Suites By Marriott Baltimore BWI Airport, 1171 Winterson Rd.,

Linthicum Heights, MD 21090