949 Stephenson Road Stone Mountain , GA 30087

Two-hour session aimed at “promoting peace, posiviity and purpose”

From 10am until 12pm

At Be Someone Strategy Academy

949 Stephenson Road Stone Mountain , GA 30087


Two-hour session aimed at “promoting peace, posiviity and purpose”

We daily see stories on news stations about young people who are in trouble, young people making the wrong decisions. Often behind these headlines are parents - many single parent mothers - who are trying to do their best to raise children successfully.... don’t we all want the same things for our kids.... happiness, personal success, safety from the trouble that swirls around them? Yes! 

But there are many people who need help in achieving these things for their children. They are stretched so thin... maybe working two or more jobs to provide for their children. They can’t spend quality time with kids and often are at the mercy of other community influences and influencers that often turn good kids to bad.  I have been using the chess board for nearly 20 years to teach the principles of success, primarily to young people who were never taught to think ahead, never taught there are consequences for every move we make whether it is on the chess board or in life.

My program is time tested. Chess has enabled me to teach others they can achieve success if they but use their God-given ability to think and reason. I was a lost youngster growing up in the inner city of Birmingham when a teacher taught me I was someone by teaching me the principles of this wonderful game. Now I’m returning the favor by teaching others.

My purpose in providing this free training class to area parents - especially single moms who need an intervening helping hand - is to show them how they can positively influence their children who are confronted by daily peer pressure. I will teach them how to use the language of the young person today to open dialogue where it may not be, to create a thought process stolen by the desire to be popular instead of doing the right thing.

I will teach these parents - and their children - they can beat the odds, they can make the right moves in their lives and become givers, not takers; they can become positive examples not tomorrow’s sad headlines. 

We have to do something to stop the waste and sorrow we experience on a regular basis in our community. By offering this free training class, I’m confident I can sow the seeds of success these parents can use to better reach and teach their - and our - most prized possessions, our children. So October 27, 2018 we are taking action again  10:00 am to 12:00 pm  Be Someone Strategy Academy 949 Stephenson Road Stone Mountain , GA 30087

Be Someone Inc., the local organization that uses the game of chess to teach life lessons to young people, has announced a free training session open for families, Saturday, October. 29, 10 a.m. – noon. The session will be held at the Be Someone training facility, 949 Stephenson Road, Stone Mountain.

The organization’s founder and CEO, Orrin C. Hudson, says he decided to provide this offer for parents, especially single moms, who need expert guidance in protecting their children from the cycle of crime, violence and poverty that has found its way into many of our communities and homes.  “In two hours, I will teach the attendees how they can help their children make the right decisions even when confronted by pressure to make the wrong moves,” explains Hudson.  Parents are urged to bring their children to the free training.

Hudson has spent the past 18 years teaching more than 64,000 young people they have the ability to succeed in life if they use their brains, think ahead and realize there are consequences for every decision they make.  Using a chess board, often a life-sized playing surface he takes to special events, he teaches youngsters how to use their minds to make winning moves.

“Many of our communities and families are in crisis because of crime and violence and young people walking the wrong paths.  On October 27, by attending this training, it will be time to say, ‘No more,’” Hudson said.

Hudson will use the two-hour session to teach parents and their children key messages such as “Pants Up, Heads Up, Grades Up, Never Give Up,” and “Make Every Move Your Best Move by Thinking Ahead.”  The Be Someone founder was once a troubled inner-city youth walking a path of personal destruction.  A teacher saved him by teaching him the game of chess and the life lessons found on and through the board.

“Parents need every tool they can get to save, protect and nurture their children,” stresses Hudson.  “I will provide so many proven ways to do that in this short free session, that I guarantee they will leave empowered with the knowledge on how to confront many of the destructive pressures and influences they and their children face every day.  I will teach them how to make the right moves.”

Free parking is available and refreshments will be served.  Reservations are requested and can be made at info@besomeone.org or by calling 770-465-6445.