From 10am until 2pm

At Be Someone, Inc., 949 Stephenson Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for your child to experience the transformative power of chess! Be Someone, Inc. is hosting a **FREE 3-Day Strategic Leadership Chess Camp** from **Monday, July 1st, to Wednesday, July 3rd**, from **10 AM to 2 PM** at our facility in Stone Mountain, GA.

Join us for three days of engaging chess instruction and activities designed to teach discipline, strategic thinking, and resilience. This camp is offered at no cost to at-risk parents and includes:
- Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
- A chance to win the Goal Belt and a $1,000 prize

Our founder, Orrin Hudson, a former state trooper, Air Force veteran, and two-time World Open Speed Chess champion, knows firsthand the life-changing impact of chess. Having mentored over 100,000 young people, Orrin is on a mission to reach 1 million youth, providing them with a positive, intellectually stimulating activity that can divert them from negative influences.

"Bad things continue to happen when concerned people fail to make boss moves. We are making boss moves because the moves we make determine the path our youth take," says Orrin. "We are stopping gun violence with a new weapon of choice: a king, a queen, and a pawn, not a gun. Think it out, don't shoot it out. The only way to fight is to use your head."

Chess teaches patience, problem-solving, and decision-making—skills crucial for personal development. By investing in chess programs for our youth, we can foster a generation of critical thinkers and responsible citizens. We urge communities and educational institutions to support and promote chess as a tool for saving and shaping young lives.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Sign up today by contacting us at 770-465-6445 or emailing info@besomeone.org.

Let's make the hood good by teaching our youngsters to man up, stand up, and pull their pants up!