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After winning two chess championships, Orrin recognized that chess provides a structured way of learning and helps to develop skills, such as patience, concentration, problem-solving, and the ability to follow rules. It also teaches responsibility, as it illustrates that all actions have consequences. Lastly, it teaches that winning isn’t everything; sometimes losing can be a valuable instrument for improvement. It is from these roots that Orrin developed the Make Every Move Count method.

“It’s less about teaching chess and more about building character.” – Orrin C. Hudson

“Win by Choice” Presentations and Seminars
This high-energy, short-duration presentation provides a series of meaningful steps students can use to stay on track in today’s fast-paced environment. Positive benefits for students include improved grades, prolonged attention spans, enhanced ability to think strategically, a desire to compete in a positive atmosphere, and team-building skills. Kids leave the presentation inspired to apply their newly-acquired skills toward achievement in school and in life.

Presentations & Seminars: Orrin C. Hudson is available for corporate and educational speaking engagements. Target audiences he speaks to varies from parents, teachers, management and corporate staff members.

Private Coaching Sessions: Be Someone also offers chess instruction with two-time chess champion, Orrin Hudson. A $1500 chess package consists of 10 hours of coaching with Hudson plus a complimentary Be Someone t-shirt. Full payment is due in advance.

Parent Workshops: Be Someone’s parent workshops inspire parents to assume an active role in their children’s education, and include practical techniques and advice.

Teacher Workshops: Be Someone’s teacher workshops give teachers the tools to motivate and challenge their students to strive for excellence.

Chess Camp: Be Someone’s Summer Chess Camp to motivate and challenge kids. Download our 2016 Summer Camps and Activities for Kids PDF.