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Every day there seems to be more news about crime and violence in our local schools and communities. Once an at-risk high school student, Be Someone founder Orrin Hudson knows what it's like to lack direction. Today, through his motivational programs and chess lessons, he is helping thousands of kids stay out of trouble and lead successful lives "one move at a time". Watch Orrin talk about the program here.

Juvenile courts in the U.S. handle nearly 1.4 million delinquency cases per year.

The U.S. Government spends more money on incarcerated people than on each child in the public school system.

The U.S. locks up a larger share of its youth population than any other developed country.

After-school activities for children are decreasing as schools deteriorate and city parks and recreational facilities suffer funding cutbacks.

World Renowned Les Brown is on Board to supporting Be Someone!

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News and Events

News, programs and events that are helping kids to Be Someone.

Be Someone’ Chess Program Challenges Seniors Through Virtual Classes

Presented on behalf of the DeKalb County Human Services Department, Hudson will deliver his virtual classes for seniors Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks at 1p.m. The next class is October 29. The chess champion presented a similar summer virtual program to scores of youngsters through the County’s Virtual Village.

Free 10-week Virtual Chess Classes Planned For Dekalb Young People

Students Will Not Only Learn the Game But Will Learn a Multitude of Life Lessons The DeKalb County Virtual Village 2.0, “Keeping Children Safe During a Global Pandemic,” has announced that Orrin Hudson, founder and creative director of the Stone Mountain-based nonprofit Be Someone Inc., will soon be presenting a series of 10 virtual chess classes […]

No cost 6 week Chess and Leadership classes for seniors

When Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson holds one of his "Get In the Game" chess classes, his audience normally is a group of young people in the 8 years to 18-years-old range. That will change soon as Hudson opens his chess board and reveals his winning strategies to DeKalb County seniors.

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