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success-story-one-call-outMy name is Cecil Davis. I attended Orrin’s chess camp class and it changed my life. Orrin has a gift to teaching chess, while teaching us valuable life lessons along the way.  Orrin helped me to start thinking clearly about my decisions. Before attending Orrin’s chess camp, I wasn’t doing well in school, and I wasn’t making good decisions. After the program, I had a completely different attitude towards school, learning, studying and listening to my teachers.

Orrin was a great teacher to me, and he treats all kids the same. Orrin has a way of teaching that makes it easy to learn, understand and remember, which is very different from my teachers at school. He makes you want to learn and think differently. I remember coming home and telling my mom that school would be so much better if teachers taught like Orrin.

Attending chess camp with Orrin taught me to think before I make decisions. I wish I could be in Orrin’s class all the time, just to help me stay focused and on track with school and life. No matter what age you are, Orrin can teach you and help you. He really takes an interest in everyone; if you’re having a problem, Orrin will take the time to sit and talk to you, and you’ll come out thinking and feeling completely different. Orrin is able to change your entire mindset.

I greatly enjoyed my time at chess camp. Orrin has helped me so much. I used to not pay attention in school and just goof off. Now, I really think before I do anything. Orrin always says to think before you make a move and he was right. If you sit back, be still, pay attention and listen, you can accomplish great things.

I thank Orrin for everything he’s done for me.

“I truly appreciate Orrin. He helped Cecil completely flip his grades to all A’s and B’s. Thank you Orrin Hudson. “ – Patricia Davis, Cecil’s Mom