Everything is an act of love or a cry for help. A cry for help occurs when someone is not having their needs met. TAKING ACTION!

From 11am until 12pm

At Be Someone Inc. Training Facility

949 Stephenson Road, Stone Mountain 30087

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA (December 17, 2023)  --  Be Someone Inc. founder and CEO, Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson has a record of giving a holiday gift to the community he serves 365 days during the year.  2023 is no exception.  Hudson has announced a free one hour “Move With Love Leadership Training” class December 23 that will focus on four key points and will be perfect no matter the age.  Hudson, a chess champion, will use the principles of the game to teach decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills.

The former gang member who turned his life around thanks to a high school teacher who taught him to “play chess not checkers,” says he selected the name for the event because “when you move with love you will always reach your destination because God is love.”  Hudson explains that the past year has seen more than its share of young people getting in trouble.  He knows his program has a proven track record of teaching youngsters that all actions have consequences and how to make smart decisions.  “My purpose with this short but intense class, is to set the stage for successful behavior and accomplishment in the coming year.” He stresses that parents and guardians looking for positive lessons for their children will find the session profitable.

Hudson understands how busy the holiday season can be but feels the class will be a perfect fit for parents looking for a productive respite from the many demands that divert attention from truly important subjects.  “Kids are out of school for the holidays and by presenting this class they will not only learn the principles of success but will see a positive role model giving back.”  He adds, “This one hour will be the best family gift anyone could possibly give and receive!” 

The “Move With Love Leadership Training” session will be held Saturday, December 23, 11 a.m. – 12 noon, at the Be Someone Inc. training facility, 949 Stephenson Road, Stone Mountain (30087).  More information about Hudson and his non-profit organization that he began in 2001 and has trained more than 90,000 students of all ages, is available at www.besomeone.org and/or on Instagram at info@besomeone.org.  Reservations are not required.  More details are available by calling 770-465-6445.