The ”Moving With Love” event will be held Saturday, Feb. 25, 1 – 3 p.m.

From 1pm until 3pm

At 949 Stephenson Rd.

Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Free. Although not required, reservations are requested and may be made at info@besomeone.org.

February 4, 2023
Orrin Hudson

Stone Mountain, GA – The founder and CEO of Be Someone Inc., Orrin Hudson, is  so tired of reading and hearing sad stories of young people in or causing trouble that he has been moved to set aside a day devoted to peace and love.  Be Someone is a non-profit organization using the game of chess to teach young people, especially at-risk youngsters, how to make the right moves in life.  Since its founding in 2001, Be Someone has instructed more than 88,000 young people how to be winners using principles found in the game.

Hudson explains, “It is time for us to come together and unite in an effort to create a more peaceful, loving and awakened future for ourselves and our most prized treasures, our children and community.” He adds, “The change we wish to see on the outside begins with changing the inner workings of our thoughts.” The chess champion not only teaches youngsters how to play but he mentors them as well, drawing from his own experiences as a troubled teen.

The ”Moving With Love” event will be held Saturday, Feb. 25, 1 – 3 p.m. at the organization’s Stone Mountain training center, 949 Stephenson Rd. Adults and young people 7-17 and welcome.  Although not required, reservations are requested and may be made at info@besomeone.org.

Hudson plans to present a different side of chess showing how the game teaches players to attack the opponent’s game piece, not the opponent.  He argues that by learning how to play, young people at the same time are learning to respect and even feel and show empathy and love for others.

The first African American to win the Birmingham chess championship (twice), he feels many young people have not been taught how to respect themselves, much less other people.  Speaking about the February 25 event he says, “I will be using chess to teach the fundamental concepts surrounding elevating life with love. Love breaks barriers, love moves mountains, and love is the key to kick starting each and every one of our destinies.”

He says he will be teaching students by actually experiencing how to think on their feet and “move with love” using a life-sized chess board. “When we love, we receive love,” he stresses. “And when we work together in fellowship with one another, a positive impact is made in the world that reflects on our own lives,” he adds. “And chess is the perfect teacher!” 

Hudson stresses the importance of positive thinking and pulling from the best of the community to create an environment that creates and empowers winners and defeats losers.  “Everything we’ve done together up to this point has prepared us for the work ahead. I believe we are ready, willing, and able to change our minds, so we can change the world.” 

Hudson is hoping for a good turnout.  “I would love to see many parents and guardians with their children,” he says. “It will be a learning experience for all!” The chess champ has devoted the last 20+ years to changing young lives for the better. ”It only takes one move to change the trajectory of your life. I will show you how to do that February 25th.”