It's Time To Clean Up Our Street. Not next month. Not next year. NOW!

From 1pm until 3pm

7846 Stonecrest Square. Lithonia GA 30038

$0 (free. donations will be accepted)

Please come out to this free family event. You and your children will be introduced to the wonderful game of chess. You will not only learn the basics but you - and most importantly - your children will hear life lessons taught on the chess board... there are consequences for every move you make whether on the chess board or in life; brains before bullets; think it out, don't shoot it out.

This will be a unique way to spend a family holiday afternoon. It will be fun, festive and there will be free food! We teach young people to be winners, not losers, givers, not takers. Make the right move on December 17, 1-3 p.m. See you there! (770-465-6445)

Peace, positivity and purpose provide the power to "Checkmate" crime and violence.

Progress is impossible unless we - as a community of concerned citizens - do something different!  At times it is easy to become discouraged when faced with the latest crime report or story of more lost young people. But I have a renewed sense of purpose that has kept me up at night working on what I can do to stop the senseless crime and violence that is plaguing our community and destroying many young lives that hold promise if only caught in time.

It's Time To Clean Up Our Street. Not next month.  Not next year. NOW!

I hope you'll connect with me.  Let's begin sharing a meaningful partnership and dialog about  how we can take our community back. We need volunteers, mentors and child-advocates.  We need to find  best practices that have worked elsewhere and bring them here.

Throughout my career as the founder of Be Someone Inc., I have been blessed with vision and passion to look for - and find - solutions to many of our most pressing problems destroying our young people and robbing them - and us - of their futures.

I'm asking you to join me as we work for the positive outcomes we all desire.