Lifetimes lost in 10 minutes or less … We must stop these wrong moves!

Almost every day, there are new headlines about local young people making the wrong decisions. Whether it is a criminal act or making a wrong move without thinking that leads to harm either for the young person or others who suffer from the person’s mistake.

I founded Be Someone Inc. in 2001 with the express purpose of mentoring and teaching young people how to make the right moves in their lives using the principles learned in the game of chess. Every time I see another sad story, I tell myself if I had just had the opportunity to work with this child, I could have kept them from making a wrong choice. I decided to post headlines I find that highlight wrong moves and the resulting destruction of lives. I realize we don’t know the full story behind these tragic stories but I always ask… what if somehow, some way, someone could have made a difference. Think of this… a lifetime marred (at best), a lifetime lost (at worst) in 10 minutes. We all have a stake in this… our future! – Orrin Hudson

14-year-old girl arrested for Walmart fire – A Walmart in Peachtree City had to be evacuated when fire broke out inside the store one evening. Severe damage was caused to the store. An investigation led to the arrest of a 14-year-old girl. Hudson: The first question is why? Bored? Angry? Showing off? Revenge? Whatever the answer, it was wrong. Now she and her family are about to pay the consequences for her wrong move. Police record at 14. Bet she never thought of the price she might pay for her actions. At Be Someone, we teach young people to use their brains for good. I wish she had been one of my students.

“Water Boy” makes string of wrong moves – A group of teens was selling bottled water to drivers exiting I-75 at 10th Street. When an Atlanta police officer approached a 14-year-old, for some reason the teenager bolted leading to a foot chase. Wrong move #2 (being in the street in the first place was #1). When the officer caught the youngster, he made the next bad move, he struck the officer, hitting him and crushing his eye socket. The injury may cause permanent blindness. The teen has been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, terroristic threats, obstruction, pedestrian in the roadway, pedestrian soliciting business and littering. Hudson: OK, I get it, kids need money and they think this is a lawful way to get some quickly. It’s against the law. The City of Atlanta has a partnership with local businesses creating summer jobs for kids. At last check, several hundred are unfilled. I wish this 14-year-old had chosen that honorable route. He didn’t and now he is in BIG trouble. And why did he run? And then what led him to swing at an officer? Fourteen! We teach kids at Be Someone to respect law enforcement and if you have nothing to hide… do not run! I’m a former officer. That tells me, yep, you are hiding something and I’m coming for you.

Teen injured after making two wrong moves – The robbing crew of young adults and teenagers chose a Buckhead apartment complex parking deck as their target for crime. They were breaking into cars when police arrived. As they attempted to flee, one 17-year-old made at least his second wrong move of the night. In attempting to escape, he jumped five stories from the deck to the ground. He made easy pickings for the police. Once he recovers from his injuries, he will be transferred from a hospital bed to a jail cell. Hudson: Often, one wrong move is all it takes to ruin a young life. But two back-to-back will leave lasting memories that actions do in fact have consequences.

Best friends die in late-night shooting in Gwinnett County Park – The two teenagers, 19 and 17, reportedly were best friends and did everything together. Their final act was dying together. The two were shot and killed around midnight by as yet an unnamed assailant in a lake-front park. Police were called after residents reported hearing gun fire. Hudson: Why did they decide to visit the park so late at night? Why did they put themselves in jeopardy? The touching video of one of the teen’s mother was heartbreaking. Someone took her “baby” and she didn’t know why.

13-year-old among those shot at abandoned apartment complex – Five people were shot, including a 13-year-old, when someone in a group of people started shooting at an abandoned apartment complex at 2 a.m. Hudson: My first thought, what was the home life of this 13-year-old? Was he there as an adventure or was he in the presence of an adult member of his family… at 2 in the morning! This is a child (at least in years) for goodness sakes! Who could have intervened? Who could have made a positive difference in this child’s life? I, we, pray it is not too late for that.

17-year-old and his mother accused of shooting, killing another teen – The 17-year-old is accused of killing another 17-year-old for as yet an undisclosed reason. According to investigators, they had some kind of relationship. The shooter’s mother was arrested and charged with obstruction and tampering with evidence. Hudson: Instead of covering for her son after the crime, how different things would have been if she had taken steps to prevent the crime.

18-year-old girl arrested, charged in shooting death of other teen – This looks like a drug deal gone bad. Police are searching for her 19-year-old accomplice. The dead person was 19. Hudson: OK, 18… an adult right? She didn’t arrive at 18 without being corrupted along the way. As I stare at her mug shot, I see a pretty face with a faint smile. Do you think she understands the consequences for her act? Could she instead be getting ready to attend college to be someone instead? Yes! Prison really is a bad choice. Would she take another path if she could? Think of the agony of her family. Multiply that by 10 for the family of the deceased.

Teen gets 140 years in fatal shooting – This 18- year-old was 14 when he opened fire on a woman in a local neighborhood. He reportedly fired several shots striking the young woman who later died at the hospital. At the time of the shooting, this young teenager was accompanied by four teenage girls who face various charges and prison time. Hudson: You must ask, “How? Why?” Did these young people understand there are consequences for such actions? Think about it this way. Five youngsters, five families. Another family loses a loved one. The degree of sorrow here is incalculable.

14-year-old crashes car into a home after police chase, kills woman – A 14-year-old child takes someone’s car in the early morning hours and sets out on an adventurous joy ride. A police officer notices the driver does not dim the car’s bright lights. He attempts to pull the car over. The 14-year-old apparently panics and sets sail leading officers on a chase that hits 130 mph. After apparently eluding police, the driver loses control and drives straight into a house in Coweta County killing a woman – a mother of two – peacefully sleeping in her bed, and injuring two other occupants. Hudson: 14-years-old and facing a vehicular homicide charge. One life ended, another time of regret ahead. Again I ask, how, why? There is no answer that can bring back this woman and save this child. Intervention. It is what I do.

Charges stand for teen who is accused of shooting police K-9. – This event happened after the police closed in on the 17-year-old after a chase and exchanged gunfire. Here are some of the other charges this young man faces: Aggravated assault, harming a law enforcement animal, first-degree burglary, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and possession of a pistol or revolver by a person under 18. The perpetrator led police on a chase that ended with him firing on police after earlier threatening his girl friend and others at her home. He was critically wounded in the shootout. Hudson: I wish I had the means to deconstruct what led to this. What happened in this young man’s life to get him here; almost killed in a shootout with police. Could this have been prevented? Without knowing the details, I want to answer, “Yes!”

Police: 13-year-old sex trafficking victim rescued during traffic stop – This child was rescued after police conducted a traffic stop because the 16-year-old driver was holding a cell phone. It was determined the van they were in was stolen out of North Carolina and the 13-year-old had been kidnapped and was a victim of human trafficking. Here are some of the charges this 16-year-old faces: sex trafficking, kidnaping, giving a false name, theft by receiving stolen property, unlawful use of a device and drug possession. The 16-year-old had no identification or driver’s license. Inside the van, the arresting officer found various vaping items, marijuana, and a large amount of lingerie. Hudson: This 16-year-old should be in school on the way to a productive future. What a loss! And let’s pray that 13-year-old is able to start over when she is returned to her loved ones. No child deserves such a fate.

16-year-old leads police on chase after early morning carjacking – A teenager has been arrested after police say he carjacked a man at gun point and led officers on a high-speed interstate highway chase. The 16-year-old approached a homeowner coming out of his house at 2 a.m., placed a gun to the victim’s head and told him to give him his car. Police said he “showed no regard for human life as he led them on a chase topping speeds well over 100mph.” The youngster eventually crashed the car and was taken into custody. He faces multiple charges. Hudson: Two things grab me. First, a 16-year-old out on the street at 2 a.m. Parents? Others responsible for him? And the police commentary, “Showed no regard for human life.” How does this happen? All children should be taught the sanctity of human life – especially their own – as soon as they are old enough to attend school.